1) Who's nickname was Aunt Skinny?
Lottie Lee Futch Phillips
Baby Rose Futch Green
Ada Bee Futch Smith
Ruth Thema Futch Reynolds
2) Which matriarch had the most children?
Ada Maloney Smith
Josie Nell McGill Walker Mimms
Annie Ruth McGill Stueart
Essie Ree Futch Miller

3) How many wives did John Smith have?
3 (Ada Maloney, Alma Love and Nancy Duffie)
2 (Ada Maloney and Nancy Duffie
1 (Ada Maloney)
4 (Ada Maloney, Alma Love, Joan Strickland and Nancy Duffie
4) How many children did John and Ada Smith have together?

5) How many careers did John Smith have in his lifetime?
6 ( farmer, laborer @ the Ozan lumber co.,tailor, barber, barbershop owner and Railroad worker)
4 (farmer, laborer@ the Ozan lumber co.,preacher, teacher)
2 ( farmer, preacher)
3 (farmer, laborer @the Ozan lumber co., preacher)